Fantasy News: Andrew’s Week 6 Booms

Week five of the NFL season has just passed us by. It’s hard to believe we are more than one quarter of the way through the fantasy football season.  It’s always a bit of a difficult task when trying to evaluate a team based on their performance over the first couple of weeks.  Given we are over a quarter of the way through the NFL season, we are now starting to see who teams really are and what their offenses and defenses are capable and not capable of.

Keep in mind when you’re reading our weekly Boom or Bust pages, you’ll very rarely find us using top tier, star caliber name players to Boom and low end, underperforming players to Bust. Anyone can tell you Peyton Manning is going to have a monster game but the talent is knowing when Manning’s going to have a not so great week.  This is the type of information we try to provide our readers. Let’s get started, shall we?

The following teams will be resting their aching bones this week and you will need to find suitable replacements for players who are off:

Kansas City Chiefs                     New Orleans Saints


Now on to Andrew’s Week 6 Booms:




My Quarterback Boom of the week: Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens – Coming off of a bit of an underperforming week against the Indianapolis Colts, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Raven wide receivers will look to get things back on track in week six. They really have no reason not to get the job done when they face one of the worst pass defenses in the league, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Tampa has given up 1500 yards and 10 touchdowns on the season. Tampa Bay’s pass defense against the last two quarterbacks they’ve faced: Week 5- Drew Brees, 371 yards and 2-touchdowns; Week 4- Ben Roethlisberger, 314 yards and 3-touchdowns.

Other recommended quarterbacks to Boom are: Charlie Whitehurst vs. Jacksonville Jaguars; Eli Manning vs. Philadelphia Eagles




My Running Back Boom of the week: LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles – I can’t believe I’m picking these two guys as my week six boom running backs.  These two players have shown us absolutely nothing the last three weeks of the NFL season.  An injury plagued offensive line has been the biggest problem for the Philadelphia running game which is the reason I hesistate at choosing McCoy and Sproles. However, it’s not the running backs running game I’m interested in. I’m more interested in their pass catching abilities this week when they take on the New York Giants.  The Giants have given up the second most receptions to running backs this season (34) to go along with the most yards through the air (393).  Running backs are averaging close to 8 receptions per game and 78 receiving yards against the Giants.  Combining those factors to go along with the 20 point against average to fantasy running backs this season and that makes the Philadelphia duo a must start in my book this week. New York Giants run defense against the last two opponents they’ve faced: Week 5 – Atlanta Falcons, 20 carries for 57 yards and 1-touchdown to go along with 14 receptions for 169 yards and 1-score; Week 4 – Washington Redskins, 14 carries, 71 yards and 1-score along with 8 receptions for 105 yards.

Other recommended running backs to Boom are: Matt Forte vs. Atlanta Falcons; Lamar Miller vs. Green Bay Packers; Branden Oliver vs. Oakland Raiders




My Wide Receiver Boom of the week: Kendall Wright, Tennessee Titans – The Titans team as a whole did very well last week when they took on the Cleveland Browns.  Quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst took over for an injured Jake Locker and put on a nice performance for Brown fans.  This week Whitehurst and crew take their game back to Tennessee to face the worst defense in the league, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Jacksonville has given up over 1000 yards to opposing wide receivers this season along with 5-scores. Wright should benefit from this matchup and excel this week. Jacksonville’s pass defense to wide receivers against the last two opponents they’ve faced: Week 5 – Pittsburgh Steelers, 11 receptions for 153 yards and no scores; Week 4 – San Diego Chargers, 18 receptions for 279 yards and 3-touchdowns.

Other recommended wide receivers to Boom are: Steve Smith vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Odell Beckham vs. Philadelphia Eagles




My Tight End Boom of the week: Luke Wi(LL)son, Seattle Seahawks – Let me first start by saying Luke’s last name is spelt with two L’s as I was corrected by the fantasy guru himself, JohnHanson this morning. So anyway, with the injury to veteran Zach Miller, the second year tight end, Willson is catapulted into fantasy relevance, for at least a week. In his game against the Redskins this past Monday night, Willson didn’t really show much given his quarter back, Russell Wilson was too busy putting on a show with his legs.  I have a good feeling this will change in week six when the Seahawks take on the Cowboys on their home turf.  The Dallas Cowboys have given up the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends this season with an average of 14 per game.  Their line backers have a very difficult time keeping up with that position in the passing game which makes anyone who faces them and easy match up to opposing offensive coordinators.  I can’t see why this game would be any different and Wilson will look Willson’s way early and often during this battle. Dallas’ pass defense to opposing tight ends against the last two opponents they’ve faced: Week 5 – Houston Texans, 2 receptions for 11 yards (I really should look at the previous week stats before I pick a player, huh?); Week 4 – New Orleans Saints, 10 receptions for 105 yards and 2-scores (Phew, much better)

Other recommended tight ends to Boom are: Owen Daniels vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Delanie Walker vs. Jacksonville Jaguars; Greg Olsen vs. Cincinnati Bengals


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