Fantasy News: Seahawks and the “Legion of Poof”

What was once one of the most feared defenses in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks have been a bit of a disappointment to the Seattle faithful and their fantasy football owners alike this season.

In 2013, the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks touted one of the best defenses in the league. Their team defense aka “The Legion of Boom” ranked among the best in defending both the pass and the run last season. The Seahawk’s run defense ranked seventh allowing only 1,626 yards (101.6 ypg) on the ground and a mere 4-rushing touchdowns all season long. Their pass defense was even better.  They ranked first in the NFL allowing only 2,752 yards through the air (172 ypg) and 16 total touchdowns.

Through the first seven games of this season the Seahawk’s defense hasn’t been performing quite up to last season’s standards. Although their rushing defense who’s ranked sixth through seven weeks is on pace to give up less yardage on the ground than last season (1,172 ypg), it is projected to give up seven rushing touchdowns opposed to last year’s three.  Not that big of a difference, right?  However now let’s look at this year’s pass defense.  Seattle who ranked atop the NFL in defending the pass is currently ranked 16th. They are on pace to give up a total of 3,300 yards to go along with 27 touchdowns (11 more than last season).  This is still not a huge difference, but a difference non-the-less.

Where I think you see the biggest difference from the Seattle Seahawks 2013, Legion of Boom defense to this year’s Legion of Poof defense are in other areas. Last season, Seattle came away with 44 sacks on the year.  This season they are on pace for only nine. Last year the defense was able to intercept opposing quarterbacks 28 times. This season they are on pace for only five.  Both are very noticeable statistics, right?

Several key losses to the Seahawks defensive unit are contributing factors as to why the difference in defensive statistics. The biggest loss on defense was to the defensive line. Clint McDonald, Chris Clemons and Red Bryant were all key contributors last season in getting to the quarterback.  They have all moved onto various teams. Defensive back, Brandon Browner was also a key loss in the off season.

Given the way the Seahawk’s defensive unit has played so far this year, they are obviously not a “gimme” when it comes to getting them into your fantasy line-ups. They are definitely not the once feared unit who you dreaded your stud fantasy player going up against on any given week. They are still a good (better at home than on the road) unit but not a must start every week.



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