Fantasy News: Q & A with Drew and Joe

Throughout the week we like answering questions from those who follow us on Twitter @AllOutBlitzFF.  Although we will never be right all of the time, we put quite a bit of thought into why we feel the way we do about various scenarios our followers put in front of us.

The following are a few questions we were asked throughout the week. Maybe you’re faced with a similar scenario and this will help you with those tough matchup, who to start and trade questions.


Q: @ryderchumney: Who should I start this week? Jerick McKinnon or Denard Robinson!

A: We are going with McKinnon this week. He will be facing one of the worst run defenses in the league. Although Robinson showed us a little something last week, we’re not ready to put him in our starting line up yet.


Q: @GriffinEllams: Who should I start this week? T.Y. Hilton or Randall Cobb! I have Golden Tate in their already and I don’t want to sit him.

A: Well, considering you have to sit one of these guys, we would consider you sitting Cobb. T.Y.H has been extremely good in Andrew Lucks high powered offense and the Colts will be without Wayne this week which should only mean even more targets. I think the only way we would change our minds here would be if the weather ended up being poor in Pittsburgh.  If the weather is bad, then switch to the indoor stadium and go with Cobb at New Orleans.

Q: @hawkmode50:  Stafford or Newton and Edelman or Baldwin?

A: Cam Newton given Seattle’s pass defense isn’t what it once was and Doug Baldwin against a poor Carolina defense.


Q: @mlbarto: DeSean Jackson or Kelvin Benjamin this week?

A: We are not a big fan of any receiver in Washington given Colt McCoy id projected to be under center this week. Kelvin Benjamin would be the way to go here against Seattle’s pass defense.


Q: @ShannonMills: Start Tom Brady or Ryan Tannehill? in an ESPN standard point system.

A: You have to love Tannehill’s match up against the Jaguars defense this week, however we are still rolling with “TB12”. The Jaguars defense will be playing at home and is coming off of a high with their first win of the season last week. Their defense hasn’t played all that bad over the last two games of the season.


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