Andrew Luck is overrated

Photo credit: AP

Photo credit: AP

Sunday Night Football comes your way with some of the better quarterback play in the league, at least most seem to think. Tom Brady showcases a pocket-style with precision accuracy and responsible QB play. On the other end, Andrew Luck has some ability to run and put up stats while being anointed the NFL’s next greatest QB of all time, but is he really?

I haven’t been able to watch all of Luck’s games, but in the 10, or so, I’ve seen I’m not convinced he’s the next greatest of all time like many proclaim. In fact, what I see is poor decisions leading to 36 interceptions in just over two and a half seasons. His accuracy is spotty and streaky and anyone that watches it without already having a preconceived idea that he’s the best should be able to see that. Combined passing and rushing, Andrew Luck has 83 touchdowns and 57 turnovers. Those aren’t elite numbers.

People base Luck’s elite status on gaining yards and throwing touchdowns when really that’s subject to many factors. If it’s your offensive coordinators prerogative to have a QB throw in the red zone then the numbers will reflect that. for example, in 2013 the Colts were 12th in the NFL with 15 rushing TD’s, but 4 of those belonged to Luck, which means if you take those away the Colts fall to 21st. In 2012, the Colts were 20th in rushing TD’s, but once again take away Luck’s 5 touchdown runs they fall to 28th. This season is no different.

How easy is it to throw for a lot of yards in today’s NFL? I’m not even going to dignify yards for any QB. Same goes for Brady in all these stats too by the way. I think the true measure of greatness in the QB position is in your ability to break down coverage and limit your mistakes. Luck gets credit for bringing the team back from deficits when he was a big part of the reason they were in those holes to begin with.

He replaced a legendary QB in Indy and it led to the coaching staff making Luck’s numbers look good their priority to heal the wounds of fans. Meanwhile Luck’s numbers get padded because teams that are down in the fourth quarter are forced to pass the ball.

The Colts division is the lowly Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. Combined, those three teams have one more win than Indy. Talk about a crap division here all you want, but the Bills and Dolphins could win that division.

A few analysts are predicting a shoot-out, but I don’t see that. If Peyton Manning couldn’t decipher what the Patriots were doing, then I don’t have confidence that Andrew Luck will either. The Patriots are coming out of a bye week and coming off a blowout win against Denver means this game turned from what would be considered by most to be a tough win, to a should win. This is truly Luck’s time to shine and prove he can beat a good defense by reading coverage and taking care of the football.

Source: AP

Source: AP

Though this match highlights the differences in QB play in my opinion, Brady and Luck do share a common stumbling block. They are both regarded as so good that it allows the GM to surround them with less. The Patriots have been heavily criticized for having $13.8 million in cap space according to NFLPA reports, but the Indianapolis Colts have nearly $16.2 million in space.

As hard as I just was on Luck, I do think with a good team he can win the Superbowl – he’s good. What he has is an older Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton and Dwayne Allen. I’d rather have Brady’s weapons, but it’s up for debate. Brady is better and will be better for years because so much attention isn’t placed on padding Brady’s stats or making sure he throws, or rushes for the touchdown when they get in the red area. Brady’s part of a game plan, not the entire game plan and he still puts up great numbers.

The Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills both lost on Sunday leaving the New England Patriots atop the AFC East by two games, but that’s never been the end goal. Winning the AFC East was expected when you brought in Darrelle Revis and have Rob Gronkowski healthy. As long as the Pats don’t screw it up royally, they should win the East and not screwing up starts on Sunday verses an overrated quarterback that will give the Patriots extra possessions.


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