Players who have more catches than Danny Amendola, but probably shouldn’t

Credit: Matt Stone

Credit: Matt Stone

We’ve spotted Danny Amendola four games in a row now as he’s registered a catch in every game dating back to the October 16th win over the New York Jets. Danny Amendola now sits with 11 catches on the season in 10 games, but the list of players with more catches can get pretty comical. Before you get all pissed, relax – I’m just having some fun here:

Philly Brown from the Carolina Panthers has 12 receptions for 160 yards. Brown was undrafted in the 2014 NFL draft and is lucky to be on the roster. He’s so unknown I can’t even find his contract information. In bringing it all together, his numbers were posted in three less games than Danny Amendola.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Denarius Moore has had the misfortune of playing for a team that has gone 16-40 since he was brought to Oakland in 2011; The overachievers are 0-10 this season. The fifth round draft pick (148th overall) has posted 12 catches for 115 yards. Per season, Moore makes just $575,130 of base salary compared to Amendola’s average annual base salary of $4 million.

Let’s stick the hopeless Oakland Raiders in the next player. Undrafted the same year as Danny Amendola, Marcel Reece of Oakland has 18 catches for 95 yards. Now, if I were to tell you that Reece was a full back how much more sad does this become? A full back with more catches than a starting wide receiver is pretty rare. Reece’s average salary is just $2.7 million per season for his contributions.

Preston Parker is an undrafted backup for the 3-7 New York Giants, but he doesn’t let that stop him from posting better numbers than Danny Amendola. Parker has 22 receptions for 272 yards and 9 more first downs than Danny Amendola. Preston makes just $570K this season – to make you sick that’s about 25,900 per reception for Parker. To make you more sick, Amendola makes $272,700 for each reception he’s had. Yuck.

This article isn’t an indictment on Danny Amendola, who was undrafted himself in 2008. He’s actually done pretty well for himself. Amendola was picked up by the Cowboys, who then cut him and signed him to the practice squad. It’s more a question of what Bill Belichick was thinking when he signed a delicate 5’10 slot receiver to a 5 year $28.5 million deal, which $10 million was guaranteed and a $6 million signing bonus.

The Patriots are now getting Amendola the ball on kick return to increase his touches because more than half way through the season, the separation is still not there. This list could really go on for quite a while, but you get the point. If Amendola could give the Patriots half of what Welker did, or what Julian Edelman has done, then the Patriots should consider themselves lucky.

Maybe it’s a game-plan thing. Maybe Belichick is holding his cards close to his chest only for us to see Danny Amendola break out like Jonas Gray in the playoffs. That’s what Pats fans will say if Amendola does break out. More likely, it was a bad signing that Brady will be responsible to make look better like many other.


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