Ainge; Marcus Smart will be back in a week

Photo Courtesy of Steven Senne/Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of Steven Senne/Associated Press

Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge was on with Toucher and Rich and according to Ainge, rookie Marcus Smart should be back in about a week after suffering an ankle sprain and not this weekend like some outlets were reporting.

Smart only played in 4 games this season before injuring his ankle against the Pacers, showing glimpses of great defense and averaged 6.8 points per game.

“Listening to what they had to say, they thought I broke it,” Smart said. “I did, too. I couldn’t put any pressure on it. I tried to get up, they told me to stay down. They didn’t want to take any chances. I felt like my foot was on fire.”

Well maybe that explains why he was rolling around on the floor. I remember grade school and the old ‘Stop, Drop, Roll.’ On a more serious note, the Celtics are an exciting team and even more so when this kid is on the court.

Ainge also commented on the Celtics late-game woes saying that Celtics players try to feed the ball to Rondo too much in the closing minutes of the game. Ainge said he wanted players to take shots when they are open and not rely too heavily on Rondo. Ainge said this after he acknowledged the C’s don’t have a closer like a Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

On Rondo’s struggles from the line, Ainge isn’t convinced it’s physical, but he thinks the struggles are more mental. This all sort of adds up and tells me that Rondo isn’t that guy in Ainge’s mind. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. February 19 is the NBA trade deadline and I expect Ainge to be active and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rondo is dealt with these latest comments and his contract situation.

If you’ve read my stuff, you’d know I like Rondo. I think he’s worth a big contract and he does a ton of little stuff that helps the Celtics win games. He isn’t a great scorer. Rondo needs another guy, but those guys don’t come cheap in the NBA. The only player I wouldn’t trade is Jared Sullinger right now, everyone else is up for being traded.


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