Brady helps implement success into Patriots offense

Credit: Winslow Townson - Sports Illustrated

Credit: Winslow Townson – Sports Illustrated

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers may have started the season slow, but they have both turned it down after Green Bay and New England fans had the same reaction. Rodgers approach was to say “Relax.” Brady’s was much more tempered and reserved. The two enjoy talking football and Brady made an interesting comment that struck a few thoughts.

In not so exact words, Tom Brady said he enjoyed talking football with Aaron Rodgers because he likes to hear what other QB’s do and possibly implement the successful styles within the NFL into New England’s offense.

I found this quote interesting in a few ways. Firstly, many reports early in the season made it seem as if Brady was unhappy because he didn’t have as much of a say in the offense or his role had been limited in some capacity due to his decline. I think given Brady’s comments, that report was likely false or severely blown out of proportion.

The thing with the offense being cut down was probably due more to the lack of understanding on offense, poor offensive line play and turnover in the receiving core and not necessarily a Brady being limited issue. In other words, the surrounding cast limited Brady, not Brady being somehow reeled in from being able to make those calls.

Brady has always expressed an interest in the coaching side of things so if the Patriots took that away, the next likely step fans and experts took was when this show comes to an end. With Garoppolo waiting in the wings and, at the time, Tom Brady being frustrated at the organization, it seemed logical to some to jump to the conclusion that Garoppolo would take over sooner than later. I think for now, that talk is halted.



The second thought is Brady implementing successful trends around the NFL into New England’s offense. Brady has a way of always looking to improve, even though he’s been a top-3 QB for over 10 years. He picks the brain and watches film to see what’s working in the NFL and that constant willingness to improve benefits the offense.

It makes me think of Tom Brady this season. What has changed? He seems to be more willing to move within the pocket like, say, Aaron Rodgers. Brady will never be a mobile QB, but adding another skill to his repertoire helps even now with a developing offensive line. Brady seems to be getting the ball out even faster and it’s not just because his offensive line. It’s because successful offenses around the league, like Denver, Indy and Green Bay, all utilize a quick-passing game.

This Patriots offense has started slow with Tom Brady at times throughout the years, but that willingness to talk to top QB’s, observe film and adapt to what’s working in the NFL is why, by the end of the season, the Patriots usually rank towards the top in every offensive category.

Brady seems to be having fun now and his role at the line seems to be intact. The showdown between these top offenses and turnover-driven defenses makes this the Patriots toughest test and a true Super Bowl matchup. Here comes another division leader and another true litmus test for where the Patriots stand as a Super Bowl contender, a test they’ve continued to pass since Kansas City.


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