U.S. Olympic Committee Chooses Boston As A Potential Host City for 2024 Summer Olympics

Photo Courtesy of TeamUSA.org

Photo Courtesy of TeamUSA.org

The history, the sports, the schools and the hospitals are just the small things that I really enjoy about my home city. The city of Boston may become the center of a major international event in nine more years as it was chosen as a potential host city for the 2024 Summer Olympics beating out Washington D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles. The group pushing the bid for Boston to host were leaders from the region’s business, sports and education sectors. Boston mayor Marty Walsh also was pushing for the bid as well.


This will be the first time that Boston will bid for the Olympic games, but will be in a very tough competition as Rome, Berlin and Paris will be making strong bids as well. The United States last hosted an Olympic event was back in 2002 when Salt Lake City hosted the Winter games. The last Summer Olympics event in the U.S. was back in 1996 in Atlanta.


Despite this story isn’t related to any of the major teams around Boston, I really enjoy watching the Olympics and the World Cup because I love underdog stories and watching some of the local athletes compete for medals. I’m not saying this to be a homer, but I feel that Boston has so much potential to be a good host city and the power of sport can inspire the next generation of athletes from around the world.


If Boston becomes the official host city for the XXXIII Olympiad, it will just add to the already prosperous culture in this great city. The final decision will be made in 2017, but the anticipation couldn’t be higher.


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