Bruins recent motivation coming from the right place?

Credit: Steve Babineau - Getty Images

Credit: Steve Babineau – Getty Images

What exactly motivated the Bruins on this four game winning streak? Was it really the owner saying he wasn’t happy because if that’s the case, these Boston Bruins are in trouble.

On what started as a let down of a season, the Bruins were out of the playoffs by January 6th, but now have snuck back into the number 8 spot in the Eastern Conference with the streak. Coincidentally, that was the same time that new Bruins Chairman Charlie Jacobs took over Delaware North Boston’s Holdings and made a speech where the main word thrown around was “unacceptable.”

I’m not saying that your boss shouldn’t motivate you, but how long will a threat from the upper management really motivate you to take the beating of an 82 game NHL season? My fear is not long enough to keep the 3 point lead from the number 9 spot.

The frustrating thing is why did it take the owner saying something? Is it an indictment on Claude Julien, who just got extended this season? Maybe it’s the players because the best players in any sport are motivated by wanting to be the best and needing to be the greatest.

What this team does have is some scared players that don’t necessarily want to be traded and took a threat and let it motivate them. That is a positive way to handle it, but what the Bruins really need is what they seem to be achieving these last few games. They need physicality. They need to take more shots on goal because they aren’t overly skilled. They need to play better defense in front of Tuukka Rask. Finally, Rask needs to bail this Bruins team out that’s a top line defenseman short occasionally.

The Bruins seem to be headed on the right track since the comments from Jacobs outscoring the opponents 13-5 and have killed all but one penalty in 16 faced. Defense is this team’s only formula to win unless they make an acquisition. They don’t have the goal scorers to mess around in their own zone.


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  1. Motivation is good for all of us in life to be better and stronger on our journeys, yes it was part of the recent turn around for the B’s, but also a big chunk of it is, the players actually doing what they do best as an Individual, that helps the team be better moving forward. plus the feeling of pride, not just for themselves, but for each member of their team. Claude would be part of that as he is the best Bruins coach of my lifetime and still has his finger on the pulse of this team.

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