The Red Sox Need An Ace & It’s Not Cole Hamels

Photo Courtesy of Jake Roth/USA Today Sports

Photo Courtesy of Jake Roth/USA Today Sports

The Red Sox were unable to get Jon Lester back in free agency, which leaves them a large fill in their starting rotation. There are still plenty of options available in free agency, but Ben Cherington is leaving an impression that he isn’t going to be spending tons of money to find a replacement for Jon Lester. I’m currently not satisfied with the starting rotation the way that it currently is and it can easily be improved with some investment in free agency before they are all gone. Trading for a starter is another option, but the only team currently is active in trading their ace is the Philadelphia Phillies looking to move Cole Hamels.


Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has had conversations with Ben Cherington about the possibility of swapping Hamels for at least three top minor league prospects. The Red Sox have tons of top prospects that they could develop or trade to any top player in the Majors, but trading them for a player like Cole Hamels really? Not exactly my first choice when it comes to the possibility of moving prospects, but the Amaro’s job is rumored to be on the line and the he will need to decide what direction he wants to take the Phillies. Amaro has been scouting the Red Sox’ farm system extensively and it appears that they want to start rebuilding. Is it me or does the City of Philadelphia take pride and pleasure in losing (see: 76ers)?


The next part in the discussion is the trade candidate in Cole Hamels. Here’s why I’m not a big fan of having Hamels in Boston. He just turned 31 years old in December and has a very steep injury history. His stat line isn’t overly impressive either as his career ERA is 3.27 including several seasons where his ERA has exceeded 4.00. The icing on the cake of unwantedness is his contract. Hamels is entering the third year of his 6-year, $144 contract extension that he signed back in July 2012 and is still owed $96 million. That’s way more expensive that just signing someone like James Shields.


Those seem like good reasons not to go for Cole Hamels and I’d say the Red Sox can do a lot better.


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