File DeflateGate under competitive advantage – not cheating

Credit: Fox Sports

Credit: Fox Sports

The Patriots find themselves in the midst of another controversy with a ‘gate’ attached to it, but the comparisons are based on the fact it’s the Patriots, not on the fact that they are relative in any way. File ‘deflating the ball’ under competitive advantage for me – not cheating. The Patriots can bind together and use #DeflateGate as a rallying cry and added motivation. ‘Do your job’ was starting to get old anyways. Let me throw the possibilities at you:

Let me first say that if you held a gun to my head, I’d say the Patriots did have at least the minimum required amount of air if not less than what’s legal. However, there’s science behind air pressure. If a ball is stored in a locker room at 70 degrees before game time and goes out to 30 degree weather, the PSI will drop. It’s similar to your tires that always need inflating in the winter time. It’s not the amount of air in your tire, it’s the cold compressing the air.

Photo credit: Deadspin

Photo credit: Deadspin

Let us look back at the days of stick-em. Wide receivers constantly used thick adhesive to grab the ball better until it was banned by the NFL. Next came the invention of wide receiver gloves and if you’ve never felt these gloves, they are extremely sticky. Did you think Odell Beckham’s catch this season was all natural ability? It sure wasn’t. I’m not taking anything away from the awesome catch, but the amount of adhesive on those gloves is crazy. These are similar besides one being against the rules.

I’ll tell you, this isn’t the first time this season a ball has been deflated/inflated and it won’t be the last in the NFL. We’re talking about an AFC Championship game where Andrew Luck only completed 12-33, with two interceptions and a QB rating of 23. They allowed the Patriots three rushing touchdowns, which has nothing to do with PSI. It has to do with tackling.

Chuck Pagano is a good head coach, so that’s why this was reported. I don’t blame him for reporting something that didn’t feel right, especially in the midst of a loss. That’s what the good coaches do. He also said he didn’t feel like it had an impact on the game and he’s right.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, I’ve never seen someone go from strike two back to strike one. They have a history of pushing the rule book to it’s limit. Did they do it? Probably. But no report has come out saying ‘definite’ or ‘the findings were’ but instead it’s full of ‘alleged’ and ‘reportedly.’ And even if they did do it, every team does it. We should be past a world of ponies and rainbows and realize teams want to win and it’s not just the Patriots.

There’s bounty’s, spying, different things for gripping, steroids and a list of other crap we probably don’t even know about. It’s all done for the next contract as in money. There’s no honor in losing to other teams that gain competitive advantages because you want to be the nice guy.

The Patriots gained a competitive advantage on a rule that’s pretty trivial to begin with. Who cares about how much the ball is inflated/deflated if the Patriots are the only ones that are using it? You should be able to throw a flaccid ball if you want to. Aaron Rodgers throws illegally over-inflated balls admittedly and it’s not wrong to me.

The referees touch the ball every single play and my guess is, if they didn’t notice, the ball couldn’t possibly have been that deflated where it came close to affecting the game. For the third time, I think the Patriots did it. People also need to pump the brakes on what it means on their legacy.


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