This Super Bowl about Legacy, not the Lombardi for Belichick-Brady

Credit: CBS Boston

Credit: CBS Boston

It’s no doubt that one of the bigger story-lines for this Super Bowl on the New England side is the legacy of Belichick and Brady. For how much the duo has accomplished over the years like winning the AFC East 12 of the last 14 seasons, making the Super Bowl a record 6 times and boasting football’s best record since 2007, to leave Arizona with a 3-3 record in the big game would be unacceptable.

‘DeflateGate’ has taken a major part in the conversation over the past week and the only way to silence the critics has always been the same for the Pats – win. If Brady, Belichick, the team and the fans don’t like the conversation surrounding the Patriots, then a win is what you’re looking for. Can they win without cheating? Are they the greatest of all time? I believe all those questions are gone with a win on Sunday.

We’re talking about a quarterback that has been in his prime for over 10 seasons in Tom Brady. Since 2004, Brady has averaged 32.3 touchdowns per season to just 10.5 interceptions per season (excluding 2008 season when Brady went down in game number one). That’s slightly better than a 3-1 ratio. Meanwhile, the Patriots have made the playoffs every season since 2004 (once again excluding injured season). Brady has the most post season touchdowns of any quarterback.

Credit: Fox Sports

Credit: Fox Sports

Bill Belichick has been in charge of building the roster since he was hired. In that time he’s crept up the leader-board for most wins by a coach all time in the post season. The Patriots have been in the AFC Championship game 9 times since 2001, when Belichick and Brady had their first full season together. Belichick has the most post season wins of any coach ever.

With all the accolades, the Patriots fourth, and most important Lombardi Trophy, has evaded them. They lost a heart-breaker against the Giants and played poorly in their last Super Bowl. A 50% winning ratio in the Super Bowl is mediocre for a coach and quarterback that have been anything but. With a win, the two would have a nearly 67% winning ratio and that is what’s on the line.

For a league that makes it so difficult to be perfect, the Patriots have been able to maintain near perfection in their run. It hasn’t ended the way they’ve wanted in over 10 seasons and you can blame the surrounding cast all you want, but Belichick builds the car and Brady drives it. These two have no excuse to lose Super Bowl 49 as far as I’m concerned.

We are all amazed by the Seahawks defense, but the edge in offense and special teams belong to the Patriots. Russell Wilson is short and not a great pocket passer. The Seahawks offense has no threatening weapons since Percy Harvin was traded this season. That trade also took away a threat on kick/punt returns making them weaker on special teams.

The truth is the game is a pick-em in Las Vegas, but is it? The Patriots should win this game. I have no doubt it will be close, but the edge the Patriots have over Seattle’s offense is greater than the edge the Seattle’s defense has over New England’s.

The difference between being 3-3 in the Super Bowl and 4-2 is huge. It means everything. You hate to take points away from a team for making it and losing, but that’s the scenario Belichick and Brady find themselves in. Legacy is what drives these two, as it should. They have been so close to being the best for so long, but without the fourth Super Bowl victory, it’s still always going to be a debate.



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