TitleTownTalk the Podcast 2-10-2015


Josh and Joe start out by discussing the Patriots Super Bowl victorious season. It was full of ups and downs, but the montage specially made for this episode covers that! On the Patriots, who makes who? With the latest MMQB article gaining so much attention in Boston, Josh posed the question – Did Belichick make Brady, or did Brady make Belichick?

The duo discusses and puts a percentage on who is most to thank for the epic run the coach-quarterback combo has gone on for 15 years and counting. In a debate involving Belichick and Brady, there is no wrong answer.

This discussion is followed up by a montage with audio from the NFL FX special, Belichick’s postgame interview and various interviews from critics such as Trent Dilfer, Cris Carter and Ray Lewis.

(All montage credit goes to NFL FX, ESPN, NBC, Avenge Sevenfold, LMFAO and Magic.)

Josh and Joe finalize the discussion with the state of the Celtics, how Danny Ainge has fared in the draft and which of the young players will remain with the Celtics and which may be headed for the trade market.

It’s concluded with mindless bantering as it usually is. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to share and comment below!


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