Paw Sox leaving Pawtucket

Credit: Pawtucket Red Sox

Credit: Pawtucket Red Sox

According to multiple reports, the Pawtucket Red Sox will be moving from McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket and have been sold to the Red Sox, along with a local group.

The Mayor of Pawtucket, Rhode Island Donald Grebien told radio station WPRO that the team was in fact sold and will be leaving the city, although he did not disclose exactly where the team would relocate. Here’s to hoping it’s more northern New England.

The Pawtucket Red Sox are the AAA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox and cultivated the skills of familiar players that will be at Spring training as recent as last season. Players like Mookie Betts, Christian Vazquez, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Xander Bogaerts were all in Pawtucket within the last two years and took giant steps to the majors within the AAA system.

TitleTownTalk has been welcomed by Pawtucket since we established in 2012 and we have covered multiple games in the press box in Rhode Island. McCoy Stadium was a fantastic venue and the former owners, Ben Mondor (longtime owner died in 2010) and his wife Madelaine Mondor, have done a terrific job with the team since they bought it.

The Pawtucket Red Sox have played at McCoy Stadium since the 1970 season, when they started as a AA team. The consistency of this AAA affiliate being in one spot is something that’s rather uncommon in the minors. Teams move around all the time, but this one has stood pat for so long it bred the nickname – PawSox.


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