Pats could show interest in Percy Harvin… Why?

photo credit: Al Bello - Getty Images

photo credit: Al Bello – Getty Images

According to NESN’s Doug Kyed, the Patriots could be linked once again to Percy Harvin if Harvin is released by the Jets. Harvin is expected to make $10.5 million next season and he will likely be cut unless his current deal is restructured. Since we know the kind of person he is, and he probably won’t restructure, let’s chat.

Percy Harvin has to be the most overrated receiver in this league today. His skills mostly revolve around being a great kick/punt returner. He is the poor man’s version of Victor Cruz except he costs more than Cruz, who is set to make $6.15 million next season.

Percy Harvin hasn’t been healthy since 2011 with the Vikings and his injury history, dating back to college, is well documented. Injuries include multiple ankle injuries, shoulder, neck, persistent migraines, hip and ribs. He has had a surgery on his Achilles back in 2008 and surgery on his torn Labrum that kept him out almost all of 2013.

Injuries aside, the guy is a chuckle head in the locker room. I don’t doubt the ability of the Patriots to reel in the bad characters, but after time, everyone shows their true colors – see Randy Moss. He was traded for nothing mid season by the Seahawks. Nothing took the form of a potential 4th to 6th round draft pick. It was all just to get him way. The Seahawks didn’t miss a beat as they went 9-2 the remainder of the season and made it to within a play of winning the Super Bowl.

If you haven’t caught my drift, it’s simply this: Let that guy mess up some other team. He’s not a winner. He’s not a tough player. He is a talented player, who thinks he’s more talented than he is. He gives you basically what Edelman/Amendola already give you, but they suck less as human beings.

The Cleveland Browns would be a perfect spot for Harvin. Manziel and Harvin could be douchey together. This offseason is about one thing for me – Revis.


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