Podcast 2-24-2015

Segment 1: Boston Red Sox

Josh and Joe start off the show by talking Boston Red Sox and the latest addition of Yoan Moncada from Cuba. How does his arrival affect familiar faces on the Red Sox.

The Red Sox have spent $287 million on 4 players this offseason that fill the voids left by failing Red Sox prospects Will Middlebrooks, Jackie Bradley Jr. and possibly Xander Bogaerts. How deep is the Red Sox farm system really? The duo discusses.

Segment 2: Boston Celtics

The Celtics just lost Jared Sullinger for the season. Does this mean the playoff hopes are right along side Sully? Josh and Joe think there could still be a hope for the Celtics in making the number 8 spot.

Isaiah Thomas is fitting in nicely. The guard acquired before the NBA Trade Deadline has averaged 21 PPG and shot over 40% from field goal and three-point range. Joe tells you how he fits into the plans for the Celtics.

You heard it here first folks. Could the Celtics turnaround be much quicker than anticipated. It takes just one trade and Danny has the assets a GM of a highly regarded center in the NBA is looking for. The two explain an epic deal that could have the Celtics from the 8th spot in the playoffs to second in the Eastern Conference in just one season.

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