NFL’s Discipline? Disci-please

Photo Courtesy of The Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of The Associated Press

Adrian Peterson has been reinstated into the NFL. In other breaking news: The sky is blue, you need water to survive and Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance. I mean really. Let me ask you, why does the NFL bother suspending anyone when it seems, if appealed, the player gets off significantly? Someone should tell the NFL we know they are frauds, but we like the game so we can’t turn it off.

Peterson brutally beat his child with a switch. The photo’s of his son after the beating are disturbing and he doesn’t think he did anything wrong? What a tool. It’s not hard for me to figure out why he thinks he’s fine though. He got paid up to week 11 his full salary for every game. Initially reported by, he wasn’t supposed to be considered for reinstatement until April 15th and we sit here in February and he’s back ready to make millions.

Ray Rice pretty much sucks as a human being. Not only did he knock a woman out cold, but he was caught on video doing it and had her apologize publicly for ‘her part in it.’ The arrest of Ray Rice took place on February 15th. After multiple hearings, Goodell then suspends Rice on July 24th for two games after the initial videotape of him dragging his wife unconscious from the elevator. Then the videotape of Rice punching his wife in the face inside the elevator comes out and the NFL announces he’s suspended indefinitely on September 8th. November 28th rolls around and Rice wins his appeal and is immediately reinstated into the NFL. Two months and 20 days was all it took.

Josh Gordon had violated the leagues substance policy multiple times before 2014 and had been initially suspended for the entire 2014 season. After appeal you guessed it – Josh Gordon gets year-long suspension limited to 10 games. At the beginning of this season, Gordon gets arrested for DUI in North Carolina and pleads guilty. The NFL fines him instead of suspending him and puts him on substance abuse program. Later on this last season, Gordon tests positive for alcohol while being in the leagues substance abuse program and has now been suspended indefinitely. Wonder how long that will last.

Ndamukong Suh stomped on Aaron Rodgers leg while Rodgers was on the ground and saw a game suspension for that. Seems fair or a little too low for a player with repeated player safety issues. Didn’t matter anyways because Suh appealed and got it from a one game suspension to a $70,000 fine. Smaller example that I care about much less, but it helps my point.

Greg Hardy is the latest example of this. Watch it unfold. It’s truly classic. This piece of trash allegedly threatened his girlfriends life and assaulted her. Hardy has been put on the Commissioners exempt list, which is now clearly no worse than being in line at your local super market. Just wait your turn and you’ll be reinstated too pal.

Hardy is now seeking immediate reinstatement and he’ll get it. The NFL’s disciplinary team is a joke. It’s no more real than a comic strip hero. They wipe their hands clean of being socially responsible and let their players assault women and children and smoke every fatty their respective side of the Mississippi. It’s not about right and wrong for the National Football League – It’s about money. To an extent it should be. I personally draw the line at child beating, assaulting women and police officers and DUI’s, but that’s just me.

People want to know why the NFL had such a bad year PR wise? It’s because players know that the initial discipline is nothing but a place holder; A crowd-pleaser. Let’s not forget Ben Roethlisberger allegedly raping a girl in a night club restroom. Let’s not forget Michael Vick with animal abuse. How about Ray Lewis‘ posse allegedly murdering a man.

All I’m saying is you New Englanders that bought an Aaron Hernandez jersey need not throw it away. If he gets off in the court of law, you’ll see him flanking left again in no time. Absolute joke of a disciplinary system the NFL has and it’s getting old watching despicable human beings make millions while having no regard for human decency.


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