Chiarelli signs Krug & Smith before Hamilton?

Photo Credit:  Faith Ninivaggi - Boston Herald

Photo Credit: Faith Ninivaggi – Boston Herald

The Boston Bruins announced that they have extended one year to Torey Krug and two years to Reilly Smith. Only Chiarelli would press to extend guys 6 months early when his team is nothing better than a question mark in March. I’ll just say it: How can you sign Krug and Smith before Dougie Hamilton?

I think we can all agree that Torey Krug, who signed for an additional $3.4 million, isn’t a terrible deal. It is just too early is all. The Bruins will have a lot of defensemen that are free agents this offseason. At the same time, do we not find two years and $3.425 for Reilly Smith laughable?

Smith, who makes just $1.4 million this season, is having an average season on a mediocre team, and just found himself a $2 million raise. That paired with the fact that the Bruins, who are short on quality wingers, will depend on him for an additional two seasons is alarming.

(Clip from TitleTownTalk the podcast: The two discuss Chiarelli’s trade deadline.)

Chiarelli’s lack of a splash at the trade deadline had some fans agitated, but not me. I defended him on the weekly podcast. With the extension of Reilly Smith I have nothing for Chiarelli haters. I don’t hate Smith as a player. He can score and create, but he’s a liability on defense and he’s not there yet. He’s certainly not a $3.425 million player and now finds himself as the eighth highest paid player on the Bruins roster.

The fact is, Chiarelli got himself a wing player at the deadline. Of course Connolly found himself injured in practice before ever playing a game for the B’s, but it doesn’t mean abandon the plan you had set. You wanted to see Connolly and he broke his hand. Tough luck, but Connolly looks like he’ll be back in time for the playoffs if they can make it past the first round. Access your situation then.

Chiarelli jumps the gun on his own players and exercises extreme caution at the trade deadline – it’s a pattern. The Bruins lack of a splash at the deadline was because the deal had to involve keeping his key players and not giving up anything. The player he was getting had to be on an expiring contract because of cap reasons. The Bruins only have depth at goalie and both his backup goalies have looked like trash this season when brought up so that wasn’t compelling a team to trade with Chiarelli. Basically, Peter Chiarelli had no cards at the deadline.

In this case, Chiarelli had all the cards. The Bruins aren’t playing well and he got caught overextending himself too early again. Reilly Smith hasn’t shown he’s more than a third line player on the ice yet. Torey Krug isn’t the best defenseman, but he at least has a knack for offense and is a threat on the power play and skates fast enough to keep up with the Montreal’s of the NHL.

Both deals are bad on March 6th. I think the answer to the Bruins issue isn’t currently on the roster, but of all the people on the roster to sign in March, it’s Dougie Hamilton. He’s the future at defense and the Bruins already sit at roughly $62 million tied up in 2016 already after these deals. Stupid.


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  1. Yep. Krug makes sense. But Smith hasn’t shown enough. Hamilton needs to be locked up. And there is a long list of under performers who need to be somewhere else next year. That is necessary to create both cap space, and roster space for new guys to pump some life (and goals) back into the team.

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