TitleTownTalk the podcast 3-17

Segment one:

Josh and Joe start out by discussing Celtics and their current five games win streak. What has contributed most to their success? Can a ‘Team’ win in the NBA or is that superstar still required – the hosts disagree.

Which of their last 10 wins was most impressive for the Boston Celtics, who find themselves in the 7th spot in the playoff seeding. The state of the team and how they can win is broken down.

Segment two: 

The hosts break down the Patriots offseason. After a moving montage sadly recalling the loss of Darrelle Revis, the question is posed – Is the Patriot way an overblown piece of garbage that is leading them to losing out on top-tier free agents? The lure to win in New England seems less shining than an old deflated football.

Of the free agent visits, who have the Patriots landed? The duo discusses in the liveliest debate of the show.

Segment three:

The tic-talk segment is back and Joe doesn’t disappoint. With five rapid-fire questions posed to Joe, he’d like to own a pet Hyena?

Congrats to Jennifer of California, who won the first of the DVD giveaway! Thanks for listening and always remember, Tuesday is TitleTownTalk podcast day!


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