Win a free Red Sox DVD as we give away the second one!

The first giveaway was a major success as it was run through Facebook (as will likely be our next giveaway in a series of four DVD’s being given to the loyal readers of TitleTownTalk – hint). If you don’t like free stuff, then you may want to stop reading, but if you’re a normal 98.6 degree human being that likes ice cream and free stuff with no hoops to jump through, then here it is:

Retweet this tweet (I’m pretty sure you can do it from this page if you’re logged into Twitter, but what do I know):

It’s as easy as that and the 2013 World Series season DVD could be all YOURS!

This official MLB presentation DVD, as explained on the back, provides comprehensive highlights, exclusive access and interviews, and breathtaking footage capturing the thrilling story of the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series championship. Features included in this DVD: Clinching celebrations, World Series highlights, World Series parade as well as Mission October features.

GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES (the fine print):

Any contest/giveaway put on by TitleTownTalk is selected 100% at random. Family of TitleTownTalk writers and employees are not eligible to win any contest put on by TitleTownTalk nor does being a friend, or acquaintance, increase your chances of winning. No purchase is necessary to enter. We will never reach out to get any personal information from you, unless you’re the winner in which case Joshua Brown will reach out to get a simple shipping address to mail your prize. We will never share, sell or distribute your information to anyone, ever.


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