TitleTownTalk podcast 3-24-15

Segment one:

Josh and Joe open the March 24th episode of TitleTownTalk by discussing Robert Kraft’s latest comments regarding Darrelle Revis. Kraft urges you to look at the win-loss record, but it’s that pompous attitude that has one host agitated. Wins and losses don’t define great teams, championships do and it had been 10 years since the Pats won a championship before Darrelle Revis walked in.

Segment two: 

The Boston Bruins are falling fast and no we’re not big fans of Chicken Little at TitleTownTalk Media. The proverbial sky is falling as the Bruins are on the outside looking in at the playoffs and no longer control their destiny despite what Chris Kelly might tell you. What’s up the the Bruins? The duo discusses their 5-game skid.

Segment three: 

Celtics have possession of the 8th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Tactically, it may benefit the Celtics from remaining in the 8th spot, or will it? The playoffs are a welcome sight for the fans in green and Mr. Celtic Joe Chancler gives you his breakdown of the Celtics recent string of games.

Finally it’s over:

Tic-Talk made its second straight appearance as the hosts brought it back on last week’s edition. Can Joe distinguish quotes from 50 Shades of Grey character Christian Grey and a Serial Killer? This ought to be good…..

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