Patriots cockiness cost them Revis

Credit: CBS Boston

Credit: CBS Boston

Owner Robert Kraft spoke on Monday regarding the Patriots losing out on Darrelle Revis to their division rivals, weakening their secondary, while the signing of Revis has bolstered the New York Jets defense. Kraft surely shouldn’t be charged tampering for his comments, though I do consider some of them idiotic:

“We thought we made a very competitive offer,” Kraft said. “I speak as a fan of the New England Patriots, we wanted to keep him. We wanted him in our system, and we have certain disciplines. We had hoped it worked out. It didn’t. We just don’t think about short-term decisions. For example, next year we have three very good young defensive players coming up and we have to factor that.”

Robert Kraft thinks the Patriots made a competitive offer, but how competitive could it have been when Revis made his decision the first day of the NFL free agency period. The NFL legal tampering period took place between March 7th through the 10th. On the 10th, the league year began and that was coincidentally the day Revis signed with the Jets. In short, the Patriots offer didn’t even make Darrelle Revis think for a second.

“We just don’t look at this year; we look out at the next few years. We’ve done OK doing that,” he said. “As a fan, in March and April, I hate to lose [Revis]. But our real focus is what goes on in the fall and winter. I put my faith and respect with Bill [Belichick]. We have a lot of discussions and he’s done pretty good the last 15 years. The fan in me argues all the time with him but he has a pretty good record.”

Maybe it’s just me, but these comments disturb me. First and foremost, Kraft is not a fan. He’s the head of a multi-million dollar entity in the ever-growing Nation Football League. Belichick has done well and we should all trust Belichick, but that’s a cop out from an owner if I’ve ever seen one. Just say what you think – Revis isn’t worth what the Jets gave him in the Patriots opinion.

The final comment might be worst of all: “We work on a budget and we’ll judge it by wins and losses at the end of the year.”

It sure is convenient saying that coming off a Super Bowl win. Not taking anything away from the dominance the Patriots have had the past 15 years, but it’s not just wins and losses Robert. You play in the AFC East where rolling out of bed gets you 7 wins every season. I don’t know about other Patriots fans, but I don’t judge the Patriots on wins and losses. We’re past that. I judge them on Super Bowls and you hadn’t won one in 10 years until you signed Revis.

I don’t pretend to know how to run an NFL team, but with an owner that is so cocky about taking home the AFC East title, you have to think eventually it will come back to bite New England. Revis is a great player and fans wanted him, but the Pats parade isn’t likely to end soon and it will justify what they did when it shouldn’t.

Winning the AFC East and having a good record has meant very little to the Patriots fans the previous 10 seasons. They have watched the greatest quarterback of all time put together a winning drive in the fourth quarter countless times only to have an anemic defense poop on their cleats. You finally had a championship defense and now you likely don’t. Congrats on the AFC East title in 2015.



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